Nykaa.com is a one stop e-shop for all things beauty. An Indian e-commerce company that has grown rapidly over the last 4 years. Nykaa wanted to create a section on their site for the luxury brands giving users a different experience from the mass brands. To introduce Nykaa Luxe to the world, I created 6 dynamic banners for the launch.
The user experience drives users to the Luxe Homepage in which they can select a brand they want to view – leading them to either the brand experience page or directly to the products page.
The Luxe Shop aims to deliver a differentiated experience with a shop-in-shop brand experience, specialized customer service and other features. It was imperative that we create a brand experience page for each brand, for example for Giorgio Armani – consumers can get a sense of the brand and what is new and potential partners could also get a feel of what their brand would be like if they partnered with Nykaa Luxe.
Nykaa Luxe has a different color palette, typography, photography and overall visual system from Nykaa as it houses the luxury brands.
 View the Nykaa Luxe Site here
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