Barista, a famous coffee chain in India was the first to step in to the market about 15 years ago with its partnership with Lavazza, it was well know for serving great coffee. Today, with international competitors entering the market rapidly and local cafes picking up the pace, Barista decided that it needed a revamp after Lavazza pulled out of the partnership.
SOLUTION: To creative a brand that was all around creating and delivering a perfect cup of coffee to its customers. Urging its customers to not only have the perfect cup, but discover coffee, the art of making it and the creativity around coffee. The identity and visual system is all around a circle. The memorable and vibrant color system of orange and brown has been maintained with a hint of a soft blue to add a sense of calm to the bold colors. The circular rim of your perfect cup of coffee and the different types of coffee along with the different condiments and their precise measurements that help create the delighdul cup to begin your morning, enjoy in the evening through a brainstorm or accompany you with your friends at night.
Old Identity
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